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Home & Garden Decor Supply Wholesale & Manufacture.

About US

Style and fashion doesn’t have to be achieved at the expense of our planet.
Art is made to mimic the beauty found in nature and in the love we share with the people around us.
What could be more beautiful than helping to support our fellow humans, while creating art from the eco-friendly natural materials that Mother Earth has provided?

What We Believe

Garden Age Supply is a group of loving Earth-conscious artists who create beautifully
hand- crafted furniture and accessories.
We understand that there is no need to harm Mother Nature in order to create elegant works of art.
She has provided all the materials needed when we open our minds and hearts to her embrace.



Who We Are

The Garden Age production site lies in beautiful West Java, Indonesia, where the local village residents use materials such as reclaimed wood,
driftwood, lava and natural river stones, recycled glass, bamboo roots, and a variety of other sustainable materials to create totally unique designs.
These distinctly Indonesian materials are the defining essence of our collections, and carry the spirit of the local people. The local women are able to use their
talents toward craft and design to help support their families in a way that would otherwise not be possible.
By using the naturally abundant materials in the area, our artists are able to save Indonesian rainforests so that they will continue to be a source of green materials in the future.


What Is The Value For Consumers?

At Garden Age Supply we have exactly what you need to provide the natural elegance that your home and garden desires. We create a large variety of home and garden furnishings ranging
from tables and benches, candle holders and lanterns, fountains and carved stone Buddha statues, and about anything you can imagine. If you are looking to accent your home or garden,
then we have what you are looking for. Make your home and garden warm and inviting; while knowing you are protecting the earth and helping some of its inhabitants achieve a better life for their families. By enjoying our gifts, you can show your love of life through improving the lives of others.